TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls

TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls
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TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls

by Dasym

  • Telemarketing Mode
  • Do-Not-Disturb Mode
  • Caller ID Mode
  • Standby Mode
  1. Brand: Dasym
  2. Dimensions: 10.01 x 10.01 x 10.01 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 1.75 pounds
TeleBouncer 3-Way Call Screening System Features: Stops Do-Not-Call List Exemptions such as: Existing Businesses Previous Businesses Charity/Nonprofit Political Polls/Surveys Calls Within Your State Exempt Industries such as Banks, Credit Cards and Long Distance calls
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It Works Great (if you only have one telephone), September 11, 2010
Bob R. (Northern Virginia)
As has been noted - this gadget will prevent your phone(s) from ringing until a real live caller pushes "1".

Slight problem though: When the caller pushes that big "1", the only telephone in the house that rings is the one directly connected to the Telebouncer. This might be fine if you live in an apartment with only one phone. BUT, I live in a modest size house with four telephones so if the "Bouncer" is connected to a downstairs phone, I can't hear that phone ringing upstairs and vice-a-versa.

The problem, in a nutshell, is that the Bouncer inhibits all phones from ringing, but only enables one phone (with the press of "1") to ring. The hype on the box implies otherwise, but it ain't so. Why this wasn't noted in eight reviews (to date) is beyond me.

Footnote: In the caller ID mode, all telephones in the house do ring once. The single ring is to let your caller ID device id the incoming call.

Like He Said, "This Thing Works", August 2, 2009
Mrmxwll (Rocky Mountains)
It couldn't have been said any better.
This product will eliminate recorded Telemarketing calls, completely.
Recorded calls absolutely do not ring through.
The reason why is very simple: to get through to your answering machine,
a real person has to press 1. So you can basically turn off the ringer, and know what when you do receive a
message, it's probably someone you know.
There's a stern warning message that comes on ahead of your personal answering message
that sounds like it's being delivered by an older guy in overalls and a white T-shirt,
standing at the edge of his property, with a shotgun leaning against a tree, as you approach.
I love it.
Since times are hard right now, these companies can't afford to hire as many live callers, so it would appear
they've turned to a recorded model. This device is the first and last weapon you'll need, to protect your privacy against them.

One of the best purchases I've made in my life, February 19, 2012
dontwannabeageek (Rochester, NY USA)
Over time, as telemarketers, political organizations, educational institutions, and charitable organizations have decided that it is their right to call and annoy me at their convenience, I have grown more and more weary of this nuisance in my life. Sure, I can look at the caller ID and see if it is a call that I want to ignore, but that still forces me to stop what I am doing and go look at the caller ID display.

I had stayed up very late one Friday evening (or more correctly, Saturday morning) a couple of weeks back, and wouldn't you know it, promptly at 9 AM Saturday morning the phone starts ringing with a call from a credit card company with which I am a member, undoubtedly to try to hawk some kind of additional services. Since I had no interest in "discovering" what they wanted (get it???), I promptly ignored it, but it definitely got my morning off to a cranky start. After having (*barely*) tolerated these calls for years, that was the last straw.

I had.

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