Audiovox VE1020 10.2-Inch Widescreen LCD Drop-Down TV and DVD Player

Audiovox VE1020 10.2-Inch Widescreen DVD Player

Audiovox VE1020 10.2-Inch Widescreen LCD Drop-Down TV and DVD Player

by Audiovox

  • DVD player with folding, swiveling 10.2-inch LCD screen; measures 13.75 x 8 x 11 inches (W x H x D) when open
  • Can be used as a speakerphone; 125-channel cable-ready tuner, built-in AM/FM stereo, LED clock
  • Compatible with DVD movie, CD audio, and CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3 digital audio files
  • 2 composite A/V inputs, 1 RF, and a headphone jack
  • Built-in stereo speakers (1.2 watts each)
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  1. Brand: Audiovox
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Product Description

This Audiovox entertainment system puts a TV tuner, DVD player, CD/MP3 player and AM/FM radio right under the counter or desktop. Ideal for RVs, busy kitchens and small workspaces, it has an ultra-slim design and brilliant 10.2" LCD monitor that flips down for viewing, and back up for out-of-the-way storage. As a television, the 125-channel NTSC TV tuner has dual A/V inputs and is cable-ready. The swiveling, TFT, active-matrix, widescreen (16:9) LCD also shows DVD movies in vivid detail. The radio and CD/MP3 player—as well as the TV and DVD player—are backed by built-in stereo speakers as well as a stereo output for connecting additional speakers. Features an LCD clock with alarm, 2-minute memo record function, built-in hands-free phone, speaker output, line output and display mode control. Includes mounting hardware and remote control. Imported. 13-4/5Lx10-1/6Wx2-9/10D".

Product Review

Audiovoxs VE1020 DVD player is the perfect companion for long cooking stints in the kitchen (or watch your favorite cooking DVDs for step-by-step recipes). It attaches to the underside of your cabinets, so it doesnt take up any counter space, and folds flat under the counter when not in use. It can even be used as a hands-free speaker phone.

The VE1020 features a large 10.2-inch screen (with 800 x 480-pixel resolution) that swivels for the optimal viewing angle. It also includes a 125-channel cable-ready tuner, built-in AM/FM stereo, LED clock, and LED timer on the included slim remote control.

This DVD player is also a great way for you to listen to your favorite tunes. Its compatible with DVD movie, CD audio, and CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3 digital audio files. It has 2 composite A/V inputs, 1 RF, and a headphone jack. The VE1020 offers two built-in speakers (1.2 watts each).

Whats in the Box
Audiovox VE1020 DVD player, remote control, 2 AAA batteries, telephone cable, coaxial cable, AM antenna, FM antenna, and hardware for mounting to kitchen cabinet.

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
 (18 customer reviews)

Top Notch!, October 1, 2004
Mark D. Twombly "MDT" (Somerset, NJ)
Very compact, excellent picture and sound. A key feature is the ability to change the screen configuration; the default is widescreen (16:9), but you have the ability to change the proportions for a normal television picture or utilize the widescreen for DVD's.

We also found that it plays DVD+R and DVD+RW, even though that's not in the tech specs. I'm not sure about the DVD-R/RW.

My only negative is that when not viewed the screen locks only with the screen facing down toward the countertop, which isn't optimal in a kitchen. It will close in the opposite direction, but not lock.

Other than that, a terrific find!


Unit failed at 4 months, November 8, 2005
John A. Shaw "Artman"
I like the picture and size of the unit. The sound is a little tinny. Biggest problem is short warranty period. My unit failed after 4 months of occassional use and Audiovox said "too bad it is out of warranty." Maybe they know there is a problem and do not or cannot fix. 90 days for a $400 TV is way too short.

Nice quality, somewhat pricey, February 20, 2005
marmich "marmich" (Rutherford, NJ United States)
Purchased this for the kitchen and installed it pretty much as directed. (If you have more than one-inch overhang on your kitchen shelves you need to do a little extra installation work.) The main selling point for me was the larger screen vs. most other kitchen slimline units and the fact that it has the DVD.

After a couple of months, I'm still happy with it. The controls are nicely designed, sound is good, but the picture is mediocre compared to current TV's. Compared to recent LCD's, even low end ones, it's so-so -- but certainly adequate for kitchen viewing.

Two other thoughts: first, it would be nice if the TV would lock in the up position with the screen hidden and less exposed to kitchen dirt and flying food. (We have toddlers.) Second, the DVD is fairly sensitive to dirty discs versus our other player. So far a paper towel and some window cleaner does the trick though.

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